Corporation Policies

GRUPO MIRAI, in accordance with the arbitration clause contained in its Bylaws. Ethics, transparency and equity are pillars of the corporate governance model of our Companies, which is based on the best market practices. Therefore, the Company:

  • Value equal rights;
  • Prohibits shareholders and executives from taking advantage of access to privileged information;
  • It has a policy of securities trading and disclosure of relevant facts;
  • It adopts arbitration as a more agile and specialized way of resolving conflicts of interest.

The Company complies, in its financial statements, with international accounting principles (IFRS) and the determinations of the Internal Control System for Financial Information (SCIRF), based on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Quarterly, the Board of Directors meets to make decisions and approve the Company’s results, which are presented publicly. In addition to the Audit Committee, established by statute, and the Fiscal Council, established on a permanent basis, the Company has Advisory Committees of the Board of Directors, which include: Finance and Risk Management; Strategy and Marketing; People, Governance, Organization and Culture; Quality and Sustainability.


Corporate Policies

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