We operate globally and are aware of our responsibility to promote the proper use of natural resources throughout our value chain.


With our environmental management system, we have developed a comprehensive vision of environmental efficiency, with technical support teams globally and in business units around the world.


Conoce el Programa de Excelencia Energética y cómo trabajamos en la búsqueda continua del consumo energético sostenible en nuestras actividades.


We consider the aspects related to climate risks, managing all the possible impacts that may be caused in the company.


As one of the companies committed to the environment, we are committed to being Net Zero in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040, both in our operations and in our distribution chain. Actions will be implemented to reduce, by 2030, 35% of direct and indirect emissions generated by the company’s operations (Scope 1).


Since we established the first company in 2019, we have maintained practices aimed at the responsible management and use of water, an essential resource for MIRAI GROUP.


The MIRAI GROUP Sustainability Plan is in line with our essence and in line with our Sustainability Policy. To increase our transparency and reinforce our ambitions, we have established global and cross-cutting ESG commitments.

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