Our goal is to be the most inspiring and important group of companies in the world. To that end, we review our long-range plan in our annual strategic planning process. We have set ourselves four main objectives for our company in the coming years:

  1. Own a portfolio of global brands. We seek to expand the portfolio of brands around the world, representing in all the countries where we currently have a presence, as well as in those that are incorporated due to business reasons. We are always looking for an innovative approach in Japan and in the United States of America and abroad.
  2. Focus our efforts on the main global categories. Strengthening our portfolio and its quality must be a constant effort, which is why we select our most important categories, based on strategy and value. Our global focus is on our portfolio of animal protein (Beff, Chicken, Lamb, Pork), Vegetable Oils, Cereals and Grains and as values ​​for flavored Metals and Gourmet Foods.
  3. Capture global opportunities. At an international level, we have taken important steps to consolidate Mirai as a global Group of companies. In the Middle East, we continue to improve our presence. In Asia, we invested in the portfolio of brands and acquisitions in Thailand and Malaysia. In Eastern Europe, we focus on the presence as producers such as vegetable oil refiners. From Europe, we expanded our position in the Gourmet Food marketing market.


Our main advantages are:

  1. Growth in the Asian market, with strong brands and global presence. We are importers and exporters of fresh and frozen protein foods thanks to our reliability, with a dimension and scale that allow us to compete in other international markets. Our own and licensed brands are a sign of efficiency. We are expanding our presence with local brands in key markets.
  2. Extensive distribution network in Japan, the United States of America and in international markets. We have an established distribution network capable of distributing our products to virtually any region in Japan and the United States of America. In addition, we export products to more than 140 countries and have developed our own distribution networks, from which we sell directly to food processing companies and local distributors.
  3. Low cost products in a growing global market. We have a competitive advantage over producers located in some of our international markets due to our lower production costs and efficiency gains in the export of animal protein and animal vegetable oils in the Local and International markets. We also achieve scale and quality of production that allow us to compete effectively with the main international producers. In addition, we have implemented a number of programs aimed at maintaining and improving our cost efficiency, including programs to optimize our supply chain, integrating demand, production, inventory management and customer service.
  4. Strategic and diversified geographical location. Our marketing units are strategically located in different countries. In addition, the geographic diversity of our distribution centers also provides us with lower transportation costs. Throughout these years, we have taken great steps towards internationalization, offering the best options to customers through local operations, allowing quick and efficient access to strategic markets and increasing the flexibility to adapt products to local needs.
  5. Emphasis on quality, safety and diversified portfolio of products. We supervise from the treatment received by the animals and the stages of the chain and throughout the production process. We launched a campaign to publicize the Total Healthy Guarantee Program, which ensures that the protein products we sell, as well as the rest of the products, do not contain hormones or preservatives and are individually inspected. In addition, we have a division of Gourmet Food, from Spain. This means that we serve the world’s most demanding clients and comply with their quality control and external audit standards.
  6. Team of experienced managers. We improved our organizational structure and redesigned it. The new format is aimed at a more integrated and transversal management.
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