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The MIRAI GROUP Provider is an active part of a living, long and complex chain, supported by the interdependence between all the parts. It is this sense of support and collaboration that drives growth, profitability, and improvements that add value to everyone’s business.



The Commitment of Senior Management, as transformative leadership, is at the heart of the System, to ensure its effectiveness and compliance, with broad and visible support for the activities carried out in each pillar:

  1. Identification and mitigation of compliance risks: Senior management is responsible for identifying and mitigating all risks. The structure of the Integrity System, as well as the other pillars described here, are reviewed according to the level of exposure of the identified risks.
  2. Global structure appropriate to the level of risk: the Compliance area is corporate and global, being responsible for the definition of policies and guidelines in Japan, the United States of America and abroad.
  3. Global policies and procedures: the Transparency Manual is the main policy to guide MIRAI GROUP employees on the expected behaviors in carrying out their activities. It addresses topics such as human rights, the fight against corruption and bribery, the defense of competition, sustainable development and the norms of ethical behavior in general. In addition to the Transparency Manual, as a group we have other internal policies and regulations related to the Integrity System.
  4. Training, education and communication: the dissemination of the new policies and the main guidelines of the company is carried out through internal communication campaigns, using various channels, such as events, emails, posters, banners and videos. In addition, employees around the world are trained through face-to-face training and an online learning platform, considering the target audience and the risks involved in their activities.
  5. Continuous analysis of business partners: prior to certain contracts, the Compliance Department is called upon to carry out a reputational Analysis of the business partner, which includes automated verifications of news published in the press, legal proceedings and inclusion of the third party in official records. restrictive lists.
  6. Digital controls and agile monitoring appropriate to the dynamics of the business: the adherence of the Company’s activities to the laws, policies and internal guidelines is continuously monitored by evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls, audits and transactional tests, along with other areas and external audit.
  7. Detection and implementation of corrective measures: the Transparency Channel, available to employees and external public to make complaints, helps in the detection of irregularities.
  8. External engagement and exchange of practices: in addition to internal action, the Compliance Department continually seeks to collaborate with all the main initiatives to promote the fight against corruption at the local and international levels.

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