As one of the global food companies, we have partners in our production chain to help us in the mission of bringing our products to the entire world. For this reason, we have a complex monitoring of the entire process to guarantee that our quality and sustainability premises are replicated for our suppliers around the planet. In all processes from purchasing to freight and logistics services, we monitor partners to ensure ethical, sustainable, transparent conduct that is 100% aligned with our goals.

For this, we have our Chain Monitoring Program structured to strengthen the control of socio-environmental risks, the dissemination of a responsible business model and the evolution of the partners in this regard. It has quality audits, dissemination of the Code of Conduct for MIRAI GROUP Suppliers, consultations of public data and requirements considered in contractual clauses. Through fortnightly access to public lists, available in the supplier’s territory, we identify suppliers in disagreement with legal and MIRAI GROUP standards. Labor and compliance aspects in general are evaluated and, if errors are identified, improvement plans are executed or, in serious cases, the cancellation of the contract with the supplier.

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