As a client or supplier of MIRAI GROUP together with its companies in Japan, D&D Mirai TRADE Co. Ltda, and D&M Mirai GLOBAL Corp, in the United States of America, you should pay attention to the fact that the general terms and conditions of sale and purchase will always apply unless expressly agreed in writing with Our Company.


We accept T / T (telegraphic bank transfers), cash. We accept DLC / SBLC, irrevocable, transferable, divisible and confirmed letters of credit. The forms of payment will be agreed and confirmed according to each operation, depending on the requirements of MIRAY GROUP or the Intervening Provider.


Yes, each payment has an identification and record in our database. We provide invoices for payment and keep records of each payment.


We guarantee every payment sent directly to us, this guarantee is stamped with a payment record and a receipt. How long does it take to confirm the payment? It depends on the type of payment. Bank transfers take an average of 2-3 business days.


  1. Buyer Issues Letter of Intent (LOI). Please, be aware that the Buyer’s LOI MUST be addressed to D&D MIRAI TRADE, Co. Ltd. or D&M Mirai GLOBAL Corp.
  2. Seller Issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO). Once the price, payment terms and other conditions has been discussed and agreed by Buyer and Seller on the mutual terms.
  3. Buyer Issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO). In Buyer’s ICPO, the price, payment terms and other conditions agreed on the mutual terms, MUST be on ICPO.
  4. Upon receiving the ICPO, Seller issues Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Buyer reviews the Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement and if any changes needed to be done, these issues will be discussed and agreed on the mutual decision to put on the Sales and Purchase Agreement for signing and sealing.
  5. Buyer signs the Sales and Purchase Agreement and send it back to Seller, Seller signs the Sales and Purchase Agreement and sealed It and send it back to Buyer.
  6. The Buyer Bank sends the Selling Bank the POF, the Selling Bank sends the POP to the Buying Bank.
  7. Seller now issues Pro forma Invoice to get the Draft Standby Letter of Credit.
  8. Buyer provides the Draft of Documents of Credit via Bank to Bank to the Seller for getting approval from the Seller Bank.
  9. Buyer’s Bank sends the Bank guarantee, to the Seller’s Bank.
  10. Upon receipt of the Operative Document of Credit, the Seller starts the loading procedures of the goods within 15 to 30 working days.
  11. Once the loading is completed, the Seller’s Bank sends copies/scan of Shipping Documents to the Buyer’s Bank.
  12. Buyer’s Bank releases the full payment of the first shipment value by MT103/TT at loading port within Five (5) banking days AFTER receiving original of the BL and SGS and the FULL set of Shipping Documents.
  13. The vessel leaves the port of loading towards the port of destination.


We have a solid 110% refundable insurance policy in which the buyer’s funds will be reimbursed to his account if the supply of the merchandise does not meet international standards or if we do not deliver your order in the agreed time, without consent. of the buyer in writing. . We will refund your payment or provide you with new quality products that meet your standard if you prefer. Our refund policy has built trust with our customers. D&D MIRAI TRADE, Co. Ltd. or/and D&M Mirai GLOBAL Corp. purchases products in 35 countries around the world and we sell products in 100 countries, making our business truly global. Trading in so many countries and cultures requires deep business understanding and empathy. In the end, negotiating is always a matter of trust.

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